What We Offer


Our infotainment solutions offer complete information, entertainment and communications capabilities.According to JVT, the car is already is a computer. “The Modern cars uses 1,000 different computers".Sensors measure shock, temperature, wheel pressure and how the rubber meets the road. All of these measurements and more are processed by the car's computers to make sure driving is safe.

As more electric cars come to market, in-car JVT would make it possible for the car to find the next charging station, if the car is permanently connected to the internet. Social media could be integrated into the car to tell the driver where his or her friends are.

Data from the car could be used to help improve future cars, or to determine potential issues before the owner takes the car for a service. However, there are privacy issues with the use of customer data. Said JVT, so the customer would need to opt in to allow car to collect this personal data.

Data can be collected during product development, however. “We have a test for modern cars. The in-car sensors can be used to collect information from the vehicles to help product development” . Mobile connectivity solutions set the industry standard for keeping drivers and passengers in touch with the world around them. It is not just the automotive industry that is becoming digitised.