Business Challenges

Our driving passion is to design a Technology in which we want to live!

The challenges facing senior leaders today are as numerous as they are complex.How leaders align and mobilize people to address their critical challenges makes or breaks their ability to achieve their business objectives.

JVT Clients Drive Results Through Our 3 Areas of Expertise.

Corporate Learning & Development

To advance business performance, integrate corporate learning within the workplace

Talent Assessment & Analytics

We help you assess and analyze the measurable attributes predictive of success in your company

Product Execution

Reduce time to value and increase value over time by accelerating execution

How We Solve Your Business Challenges

At JVT, we partner with clients to develop comprehensive training solutions to close skill gaps,hange behaviors and transform business performance.


Our engagements mobilize people to embrace critical strategies and accelerate business results.No organization is too large in scale, no strategic goals too bold. JVT helps get it done faster, more effectively, and more completely.

Industry Experience

Clients in each industry face unique challenges, pressures, and opportunities.We structure and tailor our solutions based on our deep knowledge of those key issues. However, our global scale and cross industry expertise also enables us to:

Apply proven techniques, methodologies and best practices from one industry and apply it to others

Anticipate the specific needs of our clients

Help clients address the inevitable shifts in their industries and the global economy

Our programs and solutions are designed to help you grow market share, anticipate and adapt to change, and ensure maximum performance at all levels.When it matters most, you can trust

JVT to be a true partner and deliver the results you need to become a leader in your industry.