Campus Training

Get experience. And have an experience

JVT is a place where students can thrive. We have opportunities that can help you take your ideas and your passion to the next level. Develop skills and get hands-on experience working with some of the best minds in the business.

  • Hired by the best crop of MNC’s.
  • All in one place. Anytime of the year. Training + Employment.
  • Aggregated from 100+ company- Save time on individual Job Searching.
  • Pre-skilled Graduates- Save costs on up skilling on latest technologies training
  • Hire just-in-time with year-round Placement availability - Avoid Skill gap


JVT can deliver a standard training course, tailoring content to meet your specific requirements. Or we can deliver a completely customized training that addresses only issues critical to your project.

  Custom Onsite Standard Onsite
Size Smaller Group - we recommend 8-10; Attendees are all from Customer's company Groups from 8 – 15 Professionals. Attendees are from the same company with various backgrounds and skill levels which can aid in the sharing of knowledge.
Attention Personalized Coaching and Mentoring Lecture, hands-on labs, question and answer sessions, individual attention as necessary.
Skills Customized - topic of discussion includes major features of the skill required; focusing on topics and features that are pertaining to customer's project requirements Training courses are designed to provide a complete overview of all skills required. Learning courses cover introductory through intermediate topics, Advanced courses cover specialized and custom topics.
Topics of Discussion Discussion and resolution proposal of customer's current issues Specific questions are answered as necessary.
Initial preparation Consultant's personal review of Customer's specifications at least 7 days prior to the scheduled training Use the standard courses to find the course that will meet your needs.
Deliverables Upon completion of the Personalized training, Customer leaves with a base code and design architecture of their project. Professionals should be able to fully utilize the skills learnt upon course completion.