Company Profile

JVT is an organization defined by possibilities and expertise, collaboration and opportunities.

We work to do good things for our colleagues, the organizations we serve, and the world around us. For more than 5 years, we have attracted and retained an exceptional team and consistently delivered effective solutions to support highly successful organizations.

Rock-solid systems and reliable tools. Knowledgeable team members and well-resourced relationships.Together, these building blocks form the complex core of every well-run company

For over 5 years, JVT has supported global enterprises, regional companies with consulting, learning systems and IT services to solve the fundamental business challenges they face.

Unique combination of collaborative consulting services, technologies and blended learning solutions which reflect market needs in the areas of workplace, sustainable operations, employee training and clean technologies.

We are proud of all we have accomplished in collaboration with our client partners.

From helping employees better their lives by improving their work skills, to supporting corporate sustainability initiatives, we care about our work and the lives we touch.