JVT. can help solve your business process problems and software development challenges. We solve problems for customers in all areas of the industry, including the Automotive,Banking,ConsumerElectronics,Retail,Travel, Transportation &Hospitality,Telecom, Media , Technology Sectors & Education industries.

JVT’s team of technical experts are adept in precisely identifying client needs, recommending end to end solutions, training and supporting client teams while they learn to effectively leverage the entire product.

JVT also provides product development and total system solutions including application development in C and C++, assembly coding, firmware and device driver development, RTOS porting to target systems and custom board design.

Depending on your needs we work on-site, at our headquarters, or via telecommuting. We can also mentor individuals, a department, or a group representing several departments.We offer Mentoring and Consulting in the following areas:

  • Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming
  • UML (the Unified Modeling Language)
  • Object-Oriented Process Modeling
  • C, C++, Java, Python …… Programming

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Our Consultants


Our JVT consultants have the type of education, industry experience and success record that makes them great assets for your projects. All of them are expertise according to our training and consulting programs. All the disciplines that we teach can be performed by our consultants. The projects they are so successful with are exhibited as examples in our classes. WE CAN PARTICIPATE IN ANY PHASES OF THE WHOLE PROJECT CYCLE

With this team, we can assist you with all phases of a project, process analysis, business concept analysis, user interface design, OOAD & UML, OO programing like C, C++, Java, J2EE and Python.WE BRING YOU A POWERFUL SYNERGY OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE

We successfully teach what we do and we successfully implement what we teach. This real-life cycle of knowledge and performance is at the basis of our whole organization. This is the synergy that we bring to your own projects and professional environment.