Meet Our Team


JVT's clients benefit from our experienced team of consulting professionals, all of whom have enjoyed successful careers in Innovation and Implementation. Our consultants know how to assess, identify, design, develop and deploy best practices solutions to create optimal value for clients with speed and precision because they are better able to understand their problems. From their prior experience as Programmer's, Developer and Technical Specialist. We are confident that our highly experienced team of consultants can both meet and exceed your expectations. Our commitment is the creation of predictable, repeatable success for our clients, based on their own best practices, industry dynamics and the way that they do business.

Winning The Talent War Demands Creative Hiring Strategies

‘’ Your company may be suffering from a genuine talent shortage. Companies that can’t find creative ways to find the employees they need can’t grow ‘’

JVT win the talent war (and it is a war) will be able to say yes to new business opportunities while their talent-strapped competition will have to walk away. JVT sees a future in which employers will compete for the services of employees with the creative talent to turn technology into business opportunities. These creative specialists will be highly driven individuals, who will offer their services to the organisations offering the most interesting work. They are more likely to be motivated by prestige than money.

Culture and People:

Throughout our growth, JVT has remained true to our entrepreneurial beginnings.

We are an organization that values speed over Technology and innovation over the commonplace.

We directly align our objectives with our customers' needs, allowing us to drive our legacy as a dynamic, responsive, quality-driven firm that continually goes beyond the expected.

Our people are the driving force behind every system, process and partnership.

Our teams of experts strive to understand the core business problems each client is looking to address, adapt our methodologies to fit clients' unique culture, design tailor-made solutions and embed our staff within client organizations-so much so, that often times our clients don't distinguish our team from their own.