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Throughout the year, JVT attends and hosts career events around the world.These events offer prospective candidates an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the company culture, meet company representatives and get a better sense of career opportunities within the divisions of JVT or vendors.

Building a talent pipeline that “re-recruits” talented workers is essential.

Getting candidates’ attention has gone from hard to harder — not to mention sustaining that attention for more than mere seconds. Today, you need to keep your candidate flow strong with a continuous and thoughtful recruitment process rather than a one-and-done strategy (which really isn’t much of a strategy, now, is it?)

Resolution for 2016 :

Capture more candidates and reduce drop-off by continually engaging your potential talent. The key to workforce planning is all about creating and nurturing a database of pre-qualified candidates so they’re ready to be contacted and called in to interview at any moment. An easy-to-find, branded talent network will help you capture and re-engage more candidates over a longer period of time, as it works behind the scenes to send members targeted job alerts when your new positions are posted.

Did You Know?

65 percent of candidates are likely to accept a JVT staffing firm assignment.

JVT means :

It’s great to see how many candidates are willing to accept a future assignment with staffing firms, and the reason for a majority that’s not likely to accept a future assignment is about wanting permanent work. Despite misconceptions about reasons behind candidates’ willingness to accept future assignments, for a majority of candidates it’s not about the pay or recruiters or other factors, but about wanting a job.

Smartphones are everywhere — and candidates expect a mobile-friendly experience.

Technology continues to dominate the way candidates search and engage: Once candidates decide to apply, they expect to be able to act immediately be it on a PC, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device.

If you’re not mobile-optimized, you’re likely going to lose a lot of potential candidates to your competitors whose sites do make it easy for candidates to apply on their mobile devices.

Resolution for 2016 :

Create and execute a mobile recruitment strategy. There’s no sense in fighting against the rising tide: 71 percent of staffing firm candidates have searched for a job on a mobile site, and those statistics will only increase as we move into 2017. And having a mobile recruitment strategy isn’t just about keeping up with the industry.

It gives JVT company three distinct advantages:It increases applications, reduces candidate drop-off rates and strengthens your company’s brand.

Did you know?

Candidates aren’t the only ones using mobile. 65 percent of clients correspond via text with someone from their staffing or recruiting firm and 44 percent review applications submitted by from their firm via their mobile device.

What this means :

Client smartphone ownership continues to grow in 2016, with now more than 9 in 10 having a smartphone. Clients are using all those smartphones to heavily interact with JVT.

Why it matters :

Not having a mobile-optimized website is no longer an option. But beyond the website, building all of our client-facing systems to work well on mobile is imperative to make usage as easy and efficient for our clients as possible

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You've worked hard and met challenging goals, and now you're ready to start or make a change in your career.

Each year, JVT Information Technology scours the country for the best talent available.

To accomplish this goal, we participate in recruiting events to bring employment opportunities.

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