Types of services offered

JVT offer a plethora of staffing solutions to their clients

Temporary staffing :

Enabling the client to respond to short-term temporary and/or flexible manpower needs with specific skill set requirements or for supplementing the workforce. These services could be of a part-time, full-time or job sharing nature.

Temporary-to-permanent services :

The client can hire associates as temporary employees for a trial period of employment; after a satisfactory trial period, a company has the opportunity to add a temporary worker to its permanent staff; by moving the employee from contract payroll to that of the business client.

Long-term contract :

Corporate can opt to enter into assignments for long-term and indefinite periods of time.

Managed services :

The employee staffing company can provide the onsite management of the contingent workforce at the client facility. It retains the responsibility for the supervision of the leased employees as well as the accountability for the results of the facility or function that have been leased.

Benefits to the organization

The War for Talent

Demand for talent is up, unemployment is down — and key skills are going to be harder than ever to find. It’s time to show up for battle with the right ammunition.

Resolution for Future :

No skills gap How? By building a stronger employment brand, paying employees a fair wage, creating training opportunities for your employees and promoting from within, investing in necessary job skills, and taking better advantage of candidate referrals.

Did you know ?

2 in 5 candidates see a skills gap in their particular industry, according to Opportunities in Staffing Study. Despite this, many clients believe JVT can help overcome that gap.

Fifty-seven percent of candidates are also noticing that the skills gap limits employment opportunities, and 33 percent recognize their skills are different than what is needed by most employers.

Technology: The Key to Strengthening Client Relationships

JVT continue to value the implementation of new technologies to effectively recruit and manage qualified candidates.

JVT means :

Talking frankly with our clients about what skills gaps they are witnessing will help you understand their challenges as well as reaffirm your importance as the partner in helping them overcome the gap.

And coaching your candidates who have similar, though not-quite-there skill sets on what they can do to be more desirable to employers within their industry will help everyone involved.

The Temps

There are various types of temps - people who want short-term options; fresher’s wanting to gain experience; experienced people for specific experience and of late even top management guys for interim management options.

Advantages of temporary staffing

  • The opportunity for organizations to focus on core areas
  • Flexibility of employment
  • Ease of recruitment and replacement
  • Long-term cost advantages
  • Benefits of scale